Wally the balloon is the worlds friendliest Clownfish, will be seen all over the United States this year. Wally  was built spring of 2008. His birthdate was Friday  May 23rd 2008. He was created in Brazil.  We are very pleased to share Wally with the world. Please take a few moments and see the work that went into and the building of Wally. Wally now calls Wausau Wisconsin home.
The Wally clownfish balloon is 100 feet long and  stands over 85 feet high. He  weighs in at a hefty 950 lbs.
It took over 1800 yards of rip stop nylon to build Wally.
Wally's was born May 23rd 2008
Wally clown fish balloon making his first flight. (above)  Notice the details from the artist drawing to Wally Himself. (below) Wally front paddles (fins) are able to move though a pulley system inside the basket.  This makes him appear to be swimming though the skies.
Picture to the right. Wally at Marcos's home in Brazil. Note the orange tree next to the basket.
Photo credit Marcos Bonimcontro, Brazil
Wally in his wooded crate being shipped to the US.
Wally clown fish balloon arrives in Wausau WI USA on 6-24-08
The crate made it. Steve at last gets to unload Wally on the Handcrafted Furniture Floor.
Nancy's first picture from inside Wally. Our favorite picture.
Wally Balloons LLC
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Wally going down. When he deflates his head goes down first. This leaves his butt up in the air over 75 feet up.
Wally's launch site at Albuquerque, Note pall the people as we lift off.